X2212 Programmer

X2212 Programmer for GE/Ericsson RANGR/PHOENIX/DELTA Radios

Opinions by Jason Buchanan - N1SU

The Xicor X2212 & X22C12 NVRAM IC is used in GE/Ericsson RANGR/PHOENIX/DELTA radios to store the channel data. I have had a number of GE Rangr and GE Delta radios but never the means to program them at will which was annoying. Fortunately the RFGuys have a great X2212 programmer that works with the old chips and the RFGuys' new 256 channel chips.

All you need is:

...and a PC with a parallel port... I have used the programmer with a 2GHz CPU machine so I don't believe CPU speed is a major factor. It is recommended to plug the RFGuys board directly into your PC's parallel port as a cable will introduce loss and errors.

Set your PC's parallel port BIOS settings to LPT1 EPP 378H IRQ7. The programer needs a 6V - 9V DC power source (note connector in upper left corner of the board) to read and write to the old X2212 chips. Be sure to test the voltage of your power supply before using it. Some wall-warts run high with little or no load, so just because it says it's rated at 6V doesn't mean it doesn't float at 18V!

I had problems at first getting the board to work but it was actually my power source for the board. You need to verify that the voltage to the board is between 6 and 9 volts or you will not be able to read your chip or write to it reliably. The tiny voltage regulator will get hot and burn up if you exceed 9 volts.

Changing frequencies in your GE Rangr or Delta has never been easier! Just install the DeltaPRG software, enter your frequency/PL data and you're all set! See the screenshot below:

You may notice that the PL tone values in the screenshot are different than what you may expect (71.8 vs. 71.9) - read the documentation (especially the third paragraph under "Tx/RX CG/DCG") for an explanation why.

I would recommend reading the X2212 EEPROM from a known-good configuration and modifying the data you read from the chip so that you read in the appropriate settings and go from there. Then simply save the channel data and write the data using the RFGuys software for their programmer. It's easier than opening the radio and getting the chip out!

Important: Read This

Dave KA9FUR and the RFGuys aren't related to each other so don't ask either of them for help with each others' stuff. I was fortunate enough to find the programmer and the right software to make these things fit together seamlessly... I'm not related to either of them - this page is here solely for the purpose of helping out hams who want to use a commercial GE radio but don't know how to get the darned things programmed at will.

X2212 Programmer for GE/Ericsson RANGR/PHOENIX/DELTA Radios -

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