N1SU APRS Digipeater & TX IGate

N1SU APRS Digipeater & TX IGate

Configuration and setup overview by Jason Buchanan

The basics

Purpose: to provide Global APRS Messaging service in the Seattle area, supporting 2-way APRS messaging on VHF and UHF APRS radios.

N1SU-2 (VHF, 144.390) and N1SU-4 (UHF, 440.800) provide full duplex APRS digipeater and internet gateway services, allowing you to send messages and receive replies using only your radio, no internet or cellular service required.

N1SU APRS Network Configuration
N1SU-2N1SU-4RX/TX gatewayAPRS uplink
1200 baud
Kenwood TM-281A
Ham Made cable
9600 baud
Yaesu FT-7800R
6-pin DIN
aprx 2.9.0 aprsc 2.1.4

Everything shown above runs on a single Raspberry Pi.

The TNC-Pi and TNC-Pi9K6 are stacked on a single Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.
aprx 2.9.0 is used for digipeater and APRS-IS internet gateway.

Getting started with Aprx

I put together a page about the aprx.conf and general aprx configuration. Hopefully it will provide some help to those getting started with aprx.

I created a mailing list for APRS UHF discussion, to possibly coordinate a nationwide UHF frequency for APRS, and general APRS digipeater and internet gateway topics.

Enter your email address in the box below to join the group.

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N1SU-3 was QRT 8-Jul-19 and became N1SU-2 (2 meters).

N1SU-4 (440MHz UHF APRS) was QRV 8-Jul-19.

N1SU APRS Digipeater & TX IGate overview - Updated: 8-Jul-19
(C) 2019 jsb@digistar.com

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