Elecraft K1 QRP Radio

Elecraft K1 QRP Radio

Opinions by Jason Buchanan - N1SU

What a radio! Unbelievable sensitivity, powerful audio and easily produces 5 watts with a handful of AA batteries! Elecraft has gone redefined portable operation with the KX1 and K1 radios. My little K1-4 #474 has travelled around a bit since it was built in 2001 but it continues to amaze its owners. Nothing is broken, nothing appears to have weakened and its receiver is as sensitive as anything I have in the shack. This thing is rough and tough!

No scopes or graphs here, just a big ear. If I can't hear it, I can't work it.

Precision Transceiver

I intend to write much more about this little rig - check back again soon...

K1 Options in detail

Lots of writing to do here. Just keep checking back, mid February 2004 or thereabouts.

Elecraft K1 QRP Radio - 31-Jan-04
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