WinDRM - HF Digital Radio Mondiale

WinDRM - HF Digital Radio Mondiale

Audio and Fast Data over HF SSB

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WinDRM is the hottest digital mode on HF today! Nothing else exists where you can transfer data at almost 1KB/s without using proprietary hardware!

Visits to the WinDRM site have increased considerably (400 hits in November 2004, expected to be 9,000+ hits in January 2005) forcing me to improve the layout of the site thereby making it easier for everyone to get and use the software. I have created new pages to make it easier to get the most out of this excellent software:

About the Mailing List

I have created a new mailing list on Google. This mailing list is provided to discuss all topics related to the WinDRM software for the adaptation of Digital Radio Mondiale over the Amateur Radio HF spectrum.

This group was created on Google as a means to get away from Yahoo's email services. Many ISPs block Yahoo because of their lax policies to stop spam and I lose several messages every week because Yahoo is repeatedly blocked. Hopefully by moving to Google this problem will be eliminated.

The intent is not to create a splinter group from the Yahoo hamdream24 list so I hope no one views this as a means to create a new club - I just don't like Yahoogroups.

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