N1SU QSL Cards and contact info

N1SU QSL Cards and Contact Info

Get your very own N1SU QSL card!

Jason Buchanan - N1SU

I will send or return a QSL card if I have the proper mailing address where to send one. 99.99% of the addresses I use come from the QRZ Callsign Database. If your mailing address is not available on the QRZ.com site the chances of me getting a card to you are rather slim. If I said I would QSL and you didn't receive a card, check the QRZ.com site and verify that your address is correct.

USA residents get their cards sent direct. International QSL cards are sent via bureau. I use the FISTS Bureau for FISTS members.

My hat is off to QRZ because it's the only site I can go to which allows me to cut and paste the mailing addresses directly to my labels.

My mailing address for QSL cards is:

Jason S Buchanan
301 Old Harvard Road
Boxboro, MA 01719-1836

I try to send the cards as quickly as possible but i'm on diaper duty quite often so it can take up to 6 months.

N1SU QSL Cards and contact info -