The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy

-Second Revised Edition-
William G. Pierpont N0HFF

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The first edition of this book was prepared under a strong time-pressure to collect and preserve the results of years of reading and research into the best ways to learn the code initially, to gain skill -- how the experts say they do it -- together with a number of other associated aspects of interest. The urge was to get the major principles and features organized before they got lost or buried in my files.

Diskettes of that first edition were shared with a very few people. It was soon replaced by a revised first edition in which a number of accidental errors were corrected and some clarifications made in wording. It was also produced under considerable pressure, leaving quite a number of additional items of general or specific interest lying unincorporated in the files.

Many diskette copies of this edition were distributed, a thousand diskette copies were made and distributed free by the Virginia Beach Ham Fest and Convention, it was copied and printed by the FISTS CW Club of America and by several others, including my friend James (Jim) Farrior, W4FOK, who has reproduced it in his MILL code learning program

This second revised edition fills in selected new items, clarifies and expands in several places, brings some of the appendixes into the body of text, as well as correcting in a few instances, particularly in old Ch.15, now Ch. 19, on the development of the Morse code itself. It should be obvious that the basic principles remain solid and unchanged. It is hoped that this edition will be welcomed by those who love the subject of telegraphy and will continue to be helpful to those wishing to learn or perfect this fascinating and worthwhile skill.

It is my hope that you, as reader, will find it to be of both interesting and useful. I make no claim that it is complete, perfect or final, or that it contains everything of possible value or interest. I have had to leave out some interesting items, especially of history. Perhaps some of these, plus anything you, as reader, may wish to contribute, could be added in further editions.

This book may be freely reproduced and published, but only on a no-profit basis in order to make it as widely available as possible to those who need it...

The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy-Second Revised Edition-
©William G. Pierpont N0HFF