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Leave the explorer window OPEN as long as you are QRV on the QRG.
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Suggested Frequencies:

Typically, 2 KC below the traditional MT63 frequencies. Please email me any recommended frequencies so I can update this page.

80 Meters:

3582.5 - 3586.5 - rumored to be used above 3600

40 Meters:

7038.5, 7072.5

30 Meters:

10136.5, 10137.5, 10138.5

20 Meters:

14104.5 - 14108.5

17 Meters:

18102.5 - 18104.5

15 Meters:


Frequencies in bold are recommended.
Thanks to Ron KA2HZO and Oleg UT5UBB for the list!