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The top-5 reflectors are determined by counting the total number of active users of each reflector over the past 4 hours.
The points on the graphs represent the number of unique users active on a D-Star reflector within the hour when the sample was taken.
Plots with missing points are due to the reflector not being top-5 for the time period when sampled.
Plots with fewer than five reflectors are due to some reflectors not having a 4-hour total user count stack ranked within the top-5.

What is D-Star?

D-Star is an open standard digital voice and data protocol specification for amateur radio.

Portables, mobiles, and base station radios provide access to the ICOM D-Star system - the ID-1 provides 128KB/s high speed data via 10-Base-T ethernet connection.

What are D-Star Reflectors?

List of D-Star Reflectors

Reflectors are internet-linked radio repeaters that provide radio operators with world-wide voice and data communication. Operators use a local D-Star repeater which "reflects" the communication to other D-Star repeaters located across the globe.

D-Star Reflector user scoreboard - 18-Apr-20
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