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AOR Digital Voice Net will be QRV again starting November 4, 2006 - 3:00PM ET - 14.236 QRG USB.

Recent testing of the ARD9800 has been carried out using a "fading channel
simulator", as a result new recommendations can be made for better HF

Where fading signals are anticipated, the following commands can be

Cmd>AHL 160

The auto-digital frame detection is the function of capturing digital voice
frame without "frame header tone".  However, we found this did not work well
on HF during heavy fading signals.

If you cancel this auto function, the ARD9800 can be more tolerant of deep
HF fading signals.

AAU is the command for enabling/disabling the function of auto-digital voice
frame detection.

I the case of use with an FM radio, AAU ON would be fine.


Leave the explorer window OPEN as long as you are QRV on the QRG.
CLOSE the window when you go QRT!

Suggested Frequencies:

80 Meters:

3.606 net, 7pm CST, usually daily except Saturdays

40 Meters:

7.130 2230Z net
7.096 EU
7.169.33, 7.170, 7.173, 7.177, 7.286, 7.291 (USB)
20 Meters:

14.255 EU

Monday-Friday daily net at 11AM Eastern time - 14.236
Saturday/Sunday net at 1900 UTC - 14.236

14.236 is most popular AOR frequency

17 Meters:

15 Meters: